The European Association of psychomotor practice and training schools – ASEFOP – is a nonprofit association, which is sited in Brussels. It gathers some schools, which develop the Aucouturier psychomotor practice to organise and coordinate the training about it as well as to guarantee rigorous and scientific standards.

Bernard Aucouturier and some other psychomotor trainers founded the ASEFOP in 1986 in Esneux (Belgium). They met yearly since 1980 and they had already created schools in Italy, Spain, Belgium and Portugal.

Nowadays there are 8 schools teaching the ASEFOP program in 5 European countries. Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

The ASEFOP continuously develops its activity through these schools, which are the main showcase for the ASEFOP repercussion.

These days we can say with plenty of satisfaction that ASEFOP is the European Association, which has the largest educational experience on the psychomotor field. Its influence also reaches some countries in Central and South America.

They are thousands the people trained in our schools who spread through the practice a different way to understand to the kid who grows up, laughs, shouts and moves. In conclusion we have been very long time training professional staff on an infantile development viewpoint in which the body and the movement become a former part in the psychological maturing of the child.

ASEFOP worldwide


The ASEFOP objectives are:

  • The training of specialist on the Aucouturier Psychomotor Practice
  • The training and recognition of the ASEFOP formers
  • Promote researches about the Aucouturier Psychomotor Practice
  • Boost the international exchange about the Aucouturier Psychomotor Practice
  • Cooperate and help in projects in developing countries
  • Broadcasting of the Aucouturier Psychomotor Practice


Download statute as PDF file:

Organization Chart

The ASEFOP General Assembly is its government body. All the members make it and it democratically manages how the association works, according to the ASEFOP statute.

The executive committee looks after the good practice in the association. It´s made by: the president, the secretary and the treasurer together with the commission coordinators.

The commission’s goals are:

  • School´s Commission
    Recognize the courses organized by each school.
    Match the training programs.
    Update both courses contents and methodology.
  • Former’s commission
    To guarantee and to assess the training procedure for future formers.
    To look after the formers professional deontology.
  • Training Commission
    To organize the continuous training of the formers through the yearly international stage.
    To stimulate the reflection and the research about both the theory and the practice.

Executive Committee 2019

Président: ALVARO BEÑARAN ARANZABAL, LUZARO , Bergara, Espagne.

Administration générale: Milena Monzittu, CFP, Turin, Italie

Trésorière: Anna Luna, AEC Barcelone, Espagne

Commission  Ecoles: Rikardo Acebo. Luzaro. Bergara, en Espagne.
Commission Formateurs/Formatrices: ELISABETTA GALANTI, CFP, Turin (ITALIE)
Commission Formation: Sabine Michiels. Ebppa. Bruxelles, Belgique