Our Story

ASEFOP´s story is strongly linked to Bernard Aucouturier whose presence, encouragement and teaching caused its creation.

Professor Aucouturier developed his professional activity from the 70s in Tours (France) in its municipal sports hall. It is there with his daily work with children of all ages and characteristics where a new methodology was born, this methodology is nowadays known as Aucouturier Psychomotor Practice.

The film “Bruno”, which was edited by M. Dubray in 1972 and was theoretically delved by Bernard Aucouturier and André Lapierre in the book “Bruno Delachaux et Niestlé, (1977). This book made public the beginnings of the Practice; this Practice was culminated in 2004 with the book “The Shadows of the action and Psychomotor Practice”. Between these two books the are some other important works like The Contrasts trilogy, The Symbology of the movement, The body and the subconscious or The Psychomotor Practice Re-Education and Therapy. All of them written collaborating with other authors like Lapierre, Darrault or Empinet. More recently some other books have been written like “Why do children move so much?” “Fear to nothing, fear to everything” collaborating with Mendel which has made of Bernard Aucouturier a reference in the Psychomotor area.

Bernard Aucouturier had a gift, a special capability to connect with children. During his whole career he showed a great sagacity to observe the infant behaviour, and an outstanding feeling to the kid who suffers and show his discomfort expecting for someone to understand him. This gift took him to investigate the deepest meaning of the infant psychomotor expressivity whose origin is in the oldest stages of the life.

The innovation of this methodology is to use the action, the pleasure and the relationship the central idea for the kid´s evolution and maturing. Bernard Aucouturier has been the only one to translate into conduct principles several concepts from Piaget, Freud and specially Winnicott. These concepts explain the body roots of the psychological birth and the intelligence and they are the main addition to the therapy and the psychomotor education field. Professor Aucouturier was a pioneer as his intuition transformed into practical a concept that neurosciences are discovering now.

The Aucouturier Psychomotor Practice was born from the experience, it is something fresh and dynamics and it has been built from a very strong theoretical-practical basis. Psychomotor classes around the world are full of malleable and coloured foam rubber modules, other great addition of the professor Aucouturier.

From its establishment the ASEFOP was the selected space by Bernard Acouturier to spread his method through the training, which is taught in its schools. During more than 25 years the Professor Aucouturier has shown his knowledge, his experience and his researches in the ASEFOP´s schools in which courses he has been participating regularly. Through his seminars it has been possible to learn his philosophy, his respect the kid as individual ethic, his point of view and his Psychomotor Practice, which transform to whoever knows it.

ASEFOP`s formers are the unique Aucouturier´s direct pupils. They have followed the Professor and they have founded training schools where they have rigorously and faithfully spread the Psychomotor Practice over 30 years.

In 2009, when he became 75 years old, Bernard Aucouturier retired from the institutional life, although the ASEFOP keeps alive his spirit.

The stages are still the awaited moment where the formers meet, share their experiences, update their information and standardize the criteria to confront the new educational and formational challenges of the current society.

The schools keep on forming with enthusiasm and the formers renew everyday their commitment with the childhood, through that “looking” to the kid. The way we look at the kid means the Aucouturier´s method´s signature in every one who has been formed by the ASEFOP.