The Training ASEFOP

ASEFOP´S main aim is to train specialist on the psychomotor practice as much its educational and preventative aspect as its therapeutic help.

“We don´t form people but we help them to form themselves actively.”

This simple principle holds very important values considering that it responds to a professional ethic of respect to the forming adult, based on a philosophy, which believes on the human being chances to transform himself.

Because of this principle ASEFOP has developed an original methodology, which places in the middle of the formative procedure to the adult person, who becomes agent of his own training since:

  • Develop an own educational procedure
  • Assimilate actively the Psychomotor Practice theory
  • Integrate these procedures in their own performance of psychomotor practice

ASEFOP´s schools organize some courses of different level and length according to the goals and the reality of each country but all of them have the same contents and method.